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  1. Understand the legal options for homeschooling in Iowa
  2. Learn more about services provided by the Ames Homeschool Assistance Program (HSAP)
  3. Residents of the Ames School District can enroll in the Ames HSAP at any point during the year by contacting the program coordinator, Kathy Geis at kathy.geis@ames.k12.ia.us.
  4. Live outside Ames CSD? Open-enrollment forms
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Ames HSAP Overview

The Ames Home School Assistance Program (HSAP) provides each enrolled family with an Ames Community School District supervising teacher, who will meet with each family to help with goal setting, teaching ideas, curriculum choices, or whatever else is needed throughout the school year. Families choose what curriculum will be used and teachers help empower families to successfully homeschool.

HSAP teachers are required by law to make four contacts per quarter: two face-to-face visits (if a child is enrolled in an enrichment class or attends a field trip, that counts for one of the two visits), one phone call or email, and one other contact which can take any of the above formats.
The Ames HSAP provides other optional services including enrichment classes, field trips,  book & curriculum resources, and more.